Jun. 25, 20182018

I am back in Denver as of April 2018 and am doing a ton of shows as well as in-home guitar lessons. Things are coming together nicely!

Mar. 04, 2016Taking a break!

I am on a hiatus from music. After a decade-plus of non-stop performing, touring and recording I simply need a breather. Ideally I'll be back playing again by the fall.

Dec. 12, 2012into 2013

Ah, keep forgetting about this section of the site. Yes, I need to update more frequently!

I will wrap up 2012 at around 150 gigs split up among:

Sam Holt Band, Cowboy Dave Band, Robby Peoples And The Bank Walkers, Tori Pater, Redline Rockets, Mountain Jam, Henry Parsons Project, Joey Canyon, Mike Maurer and Adam Stern And High Country Gentlemen

After quitting Ashley Buchart's band in March 2011 -- she's still out there and doing great -- I mostly played local for about a year but starting in the second half of this year I've been starting to tour again. This will continue in 2013 as Sam Holt Band and Cowboy Dave will be getting out there across the US (and Europe hopefully with Cowboy Dave).

Sam Holt Band has a new album called Southern Angels I played on so be sure to check that one out.

My instrumental group was good for 14 dates this year and I still am pursuing new musical ideas in that framework. The future direction of that project will be more ambient and less genre-specific.

Thanks for your support.

NP: Bobby Womack -- The Bravest Man In The Universe

Jan. 31, 2012into 2012...

I'm guessing people aren't checking my site everyday for an update but it's been six months since the last one so....

My second instrumental album entitled High Country Gentleman kinda came and went pretty quick. Got some nice reviews and a lot of radio play -- even made the jambands.com radio charts -- but that's about it. These days I am working with the Ableton software and have been working on music that blends analog instruments with beats and loops. There are several songs in this vein I am working on and I'm looking forward to finishing them up over the next year.

Playing the pedal steel is still a blast after 15 months and I feel like I'm getting better every few weeks. I use it quite a bit with Sam Holt Band, which is the main group I have going right now. You can see what we're up to at www.samholtband.com. My banjo's been making an appearance at some Sam gigs as well (man, you can learn a lot from that Earl Scruggs book!).

Guitar-wise, I pretty much just practice with my cheapo Martin acoustic and all I ever work on is the fuller "chord-melody" style where I try and play full compositions in a solo format. As far as working out wicked shredda licks -- that's what the gigs are for. Live I'm still playing the Nash tele into a Dr Maz 38 or Carr Rambler. Effects are still just Fulltone OCD and Electro-Harmonix Clone Theory.

Also am gigging with Cowboy Dave Band (old school country/rockabilly/western swing) and Robby Peoples (Mississippi blues and country soul). My own Adam Stern And High Country Gentleman plays now and then -- in particular at Denver's premier jazz club Dazzle -- but at this point I would rather do proper "concerts" with my own music in listening environments rather than try and make drunks dance in a bar environment.

Aside from music, I'm still reading quite a bit, watching Criterion films and listening mostly to hip hop, dub reggae, and old school country.

now playing: Killah Priest -- Heavy Mental

Jul. 28, 2011summer 2011

Time for another update!

I put out a new CD last month called High Country Gentleman. You can buy it on iTunes or follow the "online store" link on this site.

It got a nice review in the Westword and is currently at #26 on the Relix/Jambands.com radio chart. Follow links in "news" section.

Adam Stern And High Country Gentlemen is still playing my original music around Colorado. The band is always a four-piece with Adam Bodine on keyboards.

Other bands of note I am playing with are Cowboy Dave Band and Sam Holt Band. Currently doing about 4-5 shows a month on pedal steel and I now am starting to work on the C6 neck...


May. 24, 2011new album on the way

I just finished a new album this week that's being mixed right now. It's called High Country Gentleman and features 10 songs (essentially everything I've written since Twang Shui came out in March 2009).

We tried to do as much as possible with people playing live in a room together in order to capture raw musical interactions and emotions.

Alternately, there's a couple songs where we started with an electronic rhythmic foundation and built it up from there with a mixture of synthetic elements and my guitar.

High Country Gentleman should be on iTunes in a couple weeks and CDs available in mid-June.

I am also back to being a freelancer in Denver with no immediate tour plans. This includes gigs with different country bands, some jazz nights with Neil Ross and also some shows with Sam Holt & Fiends where I play both guitar and pedal steel.

My band Adam Stern And High Country Gentlemen is still playing Denver 2-3X/month.

Now playing: Lonnie Liston Smith -- Live!

Mar. 25, 2011where I'm at in 2011

Well my time with Ashley Buchart has ended but it was a great year-and-eight-months!

Now the plan is to finally give my own music a real "push." We have added a keyboard player and are now playing as Adam Stern And High Country Gentlemen. We're working on a new CD for June release and plan to play a lot this summer.

I also will still be freelancing around Denver with different country and jamband people, playing both guitar AND pedal steel.

Now playing: Buddy Emmons Live '77

Dec. 01, 2010sideman "reel"

I put together a 5 minute compilation of my playing on other people's CDs over the last two years. You can hear it in the "listen" section of this website. Here is the track listing:

1. "Scooby's Revenge" by Chadzilla from View From The Backseat (2010)
2. "The Race" from Hot Rod musical produced by Pioneer Drama Services (2010)
3. "Down And Out" by Eric Hood from Off The Track (2009)
4. "Down In The Willow Garden" by Casey James Prestwood And The Burning Angels from Falling Apart At The Seams (2009)
5. "Stuff In The Yard" by Casey James Prestwood And The Burning Angels from Falling Apart At The Seams (2009)
6. "Newt Reprise" by Bill McKay from Bill McKay (2009)

Nov. 26, 2010people ask me what I do on tour...

...and it's pretty much just practicing (been working on lap steel a lot) and reading books!

Here's what I've been reading the last three months:

Underworld by Don DeLillo
Portnoy's Complaint by Philip Roth
Child Of God by Cormac McCarthy
Inherent Vice by Thomas Pynchon
Ghostwritten by David Mitchell
Goodbye, Columbus by Philip Roth
White Noise by Don Delillo
Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy
The New York Trilogy by Paul Auster
The Echo Maker by Richard Powers
Zeroville by Steve Erickson
Jesus' Son by Denis Johnson

Jan. 11, 2010where I'm at in 2010

Hello friends-

It's been six months since I posted a news update. I do get people checking out this website every day so I figure I oughta be more regular with updates.

So here's my 2009 highlights:

-> 130 gigs
-> Released first album under own name, the all-instrumental Twang Shui.
-> CD got lots of local press and radio play
-> Feature article in national magazine Vintage Guitar
-> Also played on CDs by Bill McKay, Eric Hood, and Casey James Preswtwood
-> Adam Stern And High Country Gentlemen opened for Jimmy Herring and Dickey Betts (both at Cervantes in Denver)
-> Adam Stern Trio played Highland Street Fair in Denver and also did my first-ever live radio performance (KRFC, Fort Collins)
-> Played Dancin' In The Streets Festival with Mountain Jam
-> Double Parked opened for New Mastersounds at Gothic Theatre
-> Played with Trima at Radiohead tribute show at Oriental Theater

AS FOR 2010...

I think a lot of you by now have figured out I am very much into country music, both in terms of being a fan and playing it professionally. I have moonlighted with various country groups the last few years but finally found a country artist I want to commit to -- Ashley Buchart (www.ashleybuchart.com). Ashley is one of the most professional and hard-working people I have ever been associated with and I'm very excited to be in her band. 2010 will see us doing regional touring throughout the Western US and developing tunes for her second album. For all intents and purposes this should be considered by primary musical outlet.

I pretty much played Denver every weekend for the last five years and I'm now I'm moving up to the next level of the business. My local dates in town will less frequent from here on out so I hope that serves as an incentive to see me when I am around. :-)

Adam Stern Trio is moving forward on a smaller scale and I'm continuing to write music for that group. We have four tunes we've been playing since the release of Twang Shui and I have three more in the works. Hopefully there'll be another album sometime in 2011. We're pretty much keeping AS3 in Denver at the clubs that treat us nice and have listening audiences. There have been some mountain shows popping up too. This is MY music, my "art project," and I intend to keep AS3 alive as long as possible.

Double Parked is pretty much in mothballs for now though we still like to do weddings and private events. I'm probably good for about a half-dozen Mountain Jam this year too playing Allman Brothers covers. Beyond that, anything else I would do would be a one-off.

I had a nice run with the "jamband" world but at the end of the day, it's not where I belong.

Thanks for your continued support as I continue my travels on this road of music.


Jul. 06, 2009Vintage Guitar feature

At long last, some national recognition, click link to see scan of article.

I am working on new material and we'll be unveiling a bunch of new tunes this summer. Beyond that, I am hoping to be more selective with gigs this winter and not just grind away at every restaurant in town. The plan is focus more on "real" venues and hopefully play to "real" fans!


Apr. 23, 2009CD "re-release" party

Well if you hadn't heard, our CD release party was interrupted when a drunk driver ran into a power pole down the street from Highland Pacific and a packed house suddenly went DARK. Power was not restored for three hours, but the night was long gone...

... but we'll be redoing it all on May 8th (again at Highland Pacific!). Everyone scheduled to play last time has signed on again so feel free to come out for a great evening of music!

In other news, Denver's cultural newspaper Westword has reviewed the Twang Shui CD and you can read it here: http://www.westword.com/2009-04-23/music/adam-stern/

I am not exactly drowning in media coverage so it it worth mentioning that national guitar mag Vintage Guitar has a CD review in their upcoming May issue and a feature on me in the June one.

I am also starting to get busy with Casey James Prestwood And The Burning Angels and will be recording an album with them next month. You all know I am very passionate about country music and it's been a blast playing with this particular ensemble.

The variety of groups I play with can be confusing at times, I know, but Adam Stern Trio and The Burning Angels are my top priorities in 2009.


Apr. 08, 2009CD release party this weekend!

We'll be celebrating the Twang Shui album this Saturday at Highland Pacific. Expect a huge show with everyone from the album playing over the course of the evening!

It'll actually be a full Denver weekend as AS3 will also be playing at Owsley's Golden on Friday and Sunday too. Friday is opening for JGB on the patio, then part of their new Sunday music series from 3-4pm.

Hope to see you there!

Mar. 03, 2009CD is out

Without a lot of fanfare, here it my nine-song CD, Twang Shui! One thing I will give myself credit for is that only about 60 days elapsed between the first note of recording and having a finished CD in my hand. Just don't understand how guys can let these projects drag on for two to three or even up to five or six years.

You can buy a physical CD or digital download through this website (just click "online store" link). It should be on iTunes and other online retailers by early April. Obviously I'll be selling it all the gigs, of which hopefully there will be more of.

The "CD release" party will be April 11th in Denver at Highland Pacific. In the interim, I'm working on getting some local press and radio airplay. A bunch of radio shows across the country that play instrumental and jamband music seem interested in playing the CD too. If I could just get a song into a Volvo commercial...

In regards to my non-AS3 bands, Double Parked is still thumpin' along and will be opening for New Mastersounds later this month. I've been learning a slew of classic honky-tonk recently and will be gigging soon as a member of Casey James Prestwood And The Burning Angels. I'm happy to have a regular outlet once again to play country music,

Feb. 04, 2009my new site

An awesome website for myself seemed a little out of financial reach... but earlier tonight I stumbled upon this Dynamod company and $13 and two hours later here I am with adamsternmusic.com. How about that!

So what's new.... I have a full page article in the February 2009 of Colorado Music Buzz. I am their featured Country artist of the month if you can believe it. Read it online: http://www.coloradomusicbuzz.com/Index.asp?LinkTo=G235

The album is almost here. Recording was finished last week and Chadzilla is now mixing. CD design is underway. Hope to bring it to the manufacturer in a few more days.